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Blog / October 14, 2015

Chris Farlowe celebrates his 75th Birthday…on stage of course!

Last night Chris celebrated his 75th birthday and of course being the dedicated trooper he is, he celebrated it on stage whilst on tour with The Sensational 60’s Experience. Here is a photo of him blowing out his candles as evidence. It’s mind boggling to think we started this journey exactly 5 years ago at Chris’ 70th Birthday celebration in Cheltenham, where again he was performing for fans instead of relaxing with his feet up – doesn’t he ever take a day off!

It’s been an absolute honour to follow Chris over the past few years, his dedication to his love of performing often leaves us standing in awe and it would seem he’s not likely to let a small thing like age get in his way anytime soon. With that in mind we’d better sign off for now and get back to editing the film.

Happy Birthday Chris, we hope to share many more with you in future,

Andrew, Adam & Asa

PS. For all of the lovely people that contacted Chris via Facebook yesterday with birthday wishes, we just manage to record a little ‘thank you’ message from him before he rushed off to Cornwall for tonight’s gig. Don’t forget to head on over to the Out of Time: A Film about Chris Farlowe facebook page and ‘like’ the page to stay up-to-date with the films progress.