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Jimmy Page releases unheard Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds album

We’re really excited to announce the release of this historic demo recording of Chris Farlowe and The Thunderbirds, produced by Jimmy Page in 1961.

Having worked closely with Chris on our film we knew of these very early recordings, but had never heard them. That was until Jimmy Page contacted Chris last year and said he had found the master tapes, and wanted to release them. Needless to say, we were very excited about the release and delighted for Chris.

In his liner notes accompanying “The Beginning…” Chris summarises his first encounter with Page and the session by stating, “We would play anywhere just for the buzz and it was at one of these gigs that we met a very young boy called Jimmy Page, who liked my band and my guitarist Bobby Taylor. Jimmy suggested that he wanted to record a demo album of the band, so he booked the RG Jones studio in Morden, London, and now after 56 years, it is to see the light of day.”

These recordings confirm Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds as one of the hottest British R&B bands around in the early sixties. Chris sounds as powerful as ever, and the band are equal measures tight and loose! Throw Jimmy Page into the mix, and you have a very special recording!

“I’m really pleased to be able to make this musical document available for the first time to give an idea of the musical cauldron that was going on in London in 1961,” says Page, “a few years before the Chicago Blues renaissance and The Beatles.”

Us guys at Triple A Films are all delighted for Chris that these recordings have finally seen the light of day.

You can listen to Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds’ cover of Money – a song off the first-ever recording produced by Jimmy Page in 1961 – exclusively on Rolling Stone now. Get over there and check it out, and then head over to Jimmy Page’s online shop and get your pre order in!

Chris Farlowe performs Out of Time as part of England’s 1966 World Cup 50th Anniversary Celebration
Chris Farlowe performing Out of Time at the 1966 World Cup Final 50th Anniversary Celebration

Chris Farlowe performing Out of Time at the 1966 World Cup Final 50th Anniversary Celebration

For those who couldn’t make it to Wembley on Saturday – or your local multiplex- to see Chris Farlowe performing at the 50th Anniversary Celebration of England’s 1966 World Cup victory, you can re-live the moment our man captivated the Wembley crowd in true Farlowe-style with a 40 piece orchestra rendition of his number one smash Out of Time on BBC Iplayer. See the link below Chris’ moment of magic is 50 minutes in.

Congratulations Chris, you rocked it!


Out of Time: The 50th Anniversary
Out of Time by Chris Farlowe, Immediate Records

Out of Time by Chris Farlowe, Immediate Records

Today marks a very special occasion. 50 years ago today, Chris Farlowe hit the No.1 spot in the UK charts with the Jagger/Richards penned song, ‘Out of Time’. Whilst it has been Chris’ only No.1, he was top of the charts the weekend England won the World Cup – no one else can lay claim to that!

‘Out of Time’ has become one of the most cherished songs of the 1960’s, and fifty years on, Chris is still singing it, week in week out.

Congratulations Chris, and happy anniversary!

Adam, Andrew, Asa.
Triple A Films

Colosseum’s Jon Hiseman

Jon Hiseman Chris Farlowe

A few weeks back we had the pleasure of visiting Mr Colosseum himself, Jon Hiseman, at his Temple Music studio.

Over a fine home brew Jon enlightened us with tales of how Chris came to join Colosseum back in the 70s, the odd and hilarious things he used to collect on tour and the high regard with which he holds Chris’ vocal talents.

Thanks to Jon for having us over and supporting the film!

Handbag & Gladrags with Mike D’arbo

Mike D'arbo Handbags & Gladrags

Yesterday we had the privilege of visiting the writer of ‘Handbags and Gladrags’ and one time lead singer of Manfred Man, Mike d’Abo.

We chatted about his relationship with Chris, how the recording session of ‘Handbags’ went down, working for Immediate Records and the music industry in the 1960’s. A thoroughly nice chap if ever there was one, we had a lovely time and were even treated to Mike’s very own special brew of tea!

Cheers Mike!


Chris Farlowe celebrates his 75th Birthday…on stage of course!

Chris Birthday

last night Chris celebrated his 75th birthday and of course being the dedicated trooper he is, he celebrated it on stage whilst on tour with The Sensational 60’s Experience. Here is a photo of him blowing out his candles as evidence. It’s mind boggling to think we started this journey exactly 5 years ago at Chris’ 70th Birthday celebration in Cheltenham, where again he was performing for fans instead of relaxing with his feet up – doesn’t he ever take a day off!

It’s been an absolute honour to follow Chris over the past few years, his dedication to his love of performing often leaves us standing in awe and it would seem he’s not likely to let a small thing like age get in his way anytime soon. With that in mind we’d better sign off for now and get back to editing the film.

Happy Birthday Chris, we hope to share many more with you in future,

Andrew, Adam & Asa

PS. For all of the lovely people that contacted Chris via Facebook yesterday with birthday wishes, we just manage to record a little ‘thank you’ message from him before he rushed off to Cornwall for tonight’s gig. To see the video head on over to the Out of Time: A Film about Chris Farlowe facebook page and ‘like’ the page.


Chris Farlowe’s Home Movies


You never never know what Chris is going to spring on you! We just popped along to say hi, and what did he have for us but a stack of unseen VHS tapes! (featuring him, we hope!) Now it’s back to Triple A HQ to review. Well excited to see what we got here!

Jimmy Page: Sound Tracks Boxset


Another recent release to include the talents of our man Chris. Jimmy Page: ‘Sound Tracks’ compiles the original tracks, and unheard archive material, from the films Lucifer Rising and Death Wish II, the later of which features Chris Farlowe on vocals. Looks like the packaging has all the bells and whistles too!


Get the boxset here!

Rolling Stones Magazine preview Van Morrison’s new duets album featuring Chris Farlowe


Rolling Stones magazine have just released a preview article of Van Morrison’s new album Duets: Re-Working The Catalogue featuring a plethora of great artists past and present, but obviously we’re mostly excited because it features our very own Chris Farlowe. To add further fuel to the excitement, the Rolling Stones article ‘Hear Van Morrison’s New Album of All-Star ‘Duets‘ does exactly as the title suggest with embedded previews of the entire album before it’s official release on Monday 23rd March 2015, so head on over here and have yourself a listen before snapping a copy on it’s release.

Johnny Hero of U105 Radio Chats to Chris Farlowe

Hey Farlowers, Chris recently chatted to U105 Radio host Johnny Hero about his upcoming guest appearances with Van Morrison, touring at 72yrs old and what is the definitive version of Handbags and Gladrags. You can listen to interview below.

Van Morrison announces live dates with special guests Chris Farlowe, Chris Barber & Shana Morrison

Farlowers listen up we’ve got a BIG NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT for you!

Van Morrison has just announced that Chris and the Norman Beaker Band will be guesting with him for two nights in June at the beautiful Dunluce Castle. More details can be found on Van Morrison’s website and tickets are already on sale here.

Van Morrison and Chris Farlowe Live | 2013

Out of Time hits No.1 in NME chart!

This date 1966 (though it was a Friday) saw Chris’ single Out of Time hit the no.1 spot in the NME chart. Nearly fifties years later Out of Time still sounds great and for many evokes memories of a glorious summer in 1966. Here’s a great interview with Chris published in the NME the weekend he went to number one. Chris waxes lyrical about screaming girls, Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger and Gene Pitney!

Chris Makes everybody happy

‘Out of Time’ enters the NME Top Thirty!

Well well, doesn’t time fly?! This weekend 46 years ago ‘OUT OF TIME’ first entered the NME TOP THIRTY. Whilst it entered at a modest No.23, we all know where it ended up . . .

As an aside note, did you know there wasn’t an ‘Official’ UK Chart until 1969? Strange but true!


Star Club 50th Year Anniversary Show

Chris Farlowe Star Club 50th AnniversaryOn 13th April 1962 Horst Fascher opened the Star Club in Hamburg, Germany. In the 7 years that it was open it played host to some of the great names of rock’n’roll, including, Ray Charles, Bo Diddley, Jimi Hendrix, Little Richard, Cream, and of course The Beatles (to name but a few). Another young artist who cut his teeth at the Star Club was our man Chris Farlowe, who at that time was performing with his band the Thunderbirds.Chris Farlowe & Uwe Mamminga50 years to the day and Chris was invited back to Hamburg to sing at the Star Clubs Golden Anniversary. Staged inside the Fliegende Bauten (a huge top hat tent), Chris belted out a set including the rock’n’roll classics Hello Josephine, Johnny Be Good, and his hits Hand Bags and Gladrags and Out Of Time. He was accompanied on stage by a great band featuring Clem Clempson and Adrian Askew. Also performing were King Size Taylor, Tony Sheridan, Cliff Bennet, The Nashville Teens and The Rattles. It was a fantastic event wonderfully curated by Uwe Mamminga and his team at Rock the Earth. Big thanks goes out to those guys for their unreserved hospitality.Chris Farlowe & Clem Clempson at the Star Club 50th AnniversaryOriginally a fly by night visit, the German trip was extended when he heard that Norman Beaker and The Boys were performing at the Downtown Blues Club with Baton Rouge born guitarist, Larry Garner. Chris decided it would be cool to surprise the guys at the venue and ended up performing an impromptu Stormy Monday Blues. Chris, Larry and the band were all on top form and we were there cameras ready to catch the whole thing.

So kick back and enjoy this cracking rendition of a blues classic!

It’s news to us!

chris farlowe newspaper clippings

We recently got our hands on a ton of newspaper and magazine clippings covering part of Chris’ musical career. From the early 60’s when he started out with the Thunderbirds, right through to 1978 when he and Dave Greenslade (ex Thunderbirds and Colosseum) recorded the theme tune to TV drama ‘Gangsters’! What a plethora of material for us to research! We’ll be posting a few clippings on the blog over the next few weeks, so do check back.

Ride On Baby!

On way home from the Arts Depot, North London, 10th February 2012

Last night we accompanied Chris to the Arts Depot in North London where he performed with Steve Ellis and The New Amen Corner. It was a great show (as always!) with Chris singing a set scattered with soul classics such as Stand By Me, In The Midnight Hour, and Mr Pitiful.

Here’s Asa showing Chris some of the evenings footage as we travel home on the tube.


Chris Farlowe and Vanity Fare live at Amersham Rock and Roll Club, New Years Eve 2011

After the bells had dropped, the champagne popped, Auld Lang Syne sung, and despite a crippling bad back and the freezing weather, Chris got on stage and stormed in the new year with style. For all you Farlowe fans out there, especially those of you that saw in 2012 with the man himself, here he is performing ‘Chris’ Shuffle’ live with Vanity Fare at Amersham Rock and Roll Club. Many thanks to all the Amersham Rockers for making it such a memorable night, and to Ralf Gowling and Jan Bowie for their hospitality.

Happy New Year from Triple A Films.

Resolution #1 : Finish film about Chris Farlowe!

Jimmy Page Reminisces About Farlowe Blue Recording

For those of you who woke up this morning thinking to yourself, “hmmm I wonder what Chris Farlowe was doing on this day back in 1987?”
Jimmy Page Website
Well, firstly fear not, you aren’t on the verge of mental collapse. In fact you’ve intuitively homed in on a significant date in Chris’ career, one which is fondly remember by guitar legend Jimmy Page on his new website today. On this very day almost 25 years ago Chris recorded ‘If I Cannot Have Your Love, I’ll Sing The Blues’ with Jimmy, but rather than listening to us ramble on about that October Monday in 1987, why not head on over to Jimmy’s site and read his first hand account and rather endearing words about working with Mr Farlowe over the years.

Jimmy has also kindly uploaded a recording of ‘If I Cannot Have Your Love, I’ll Sing The Blues’ for you to listen to, but be quick, as we aren’t sure if the posts on his homepage changes daily or not.

Chris Says Thanks for Birthday Wishes…

We caught up with Chris a few days after he celebrated his 71st Birthday and couldn’t wait to show him the hundreds of Birthday Greetings he’d received via his Facebook page. Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of messages and Birthday wishes, he recorded this little video message to say thank you……

Happy Birthday Chris!

Well well well, 21 again huh Chris? This time last year we were on our way to Cheltenham to film our first Chris Farlowe show, a special 70th birthday gig at Vonnies. One year on and we have followed Chris all over Europe with Jon Hiseman’s Colosseum and the Hamburg Blues Band, up and down the UK with the Norman Beaker Band, and even tailed Chris around the United States! What a year it’s been! We’ve got lots of great footage and have had a helluva time doing it! Thanks to everyone who has helped us get this far! It’s not over yet!

As for Chris, what can we say, he has been a gentleman to film (well, most of the time!), and it’s a pleasure to be making a film about such a charming young man. So, what’s Chris up to on his birthday you ask? What do you think he’s doing! He’s on his way to do a gig in York! The man does not stop . . .

Happy Birthday Chris.
from the Triple A boys,

Adam, Andrew, Asa.

Chris Farlowe Back in the Recording Studio!

Chris Farlowe Singing at Temple Music Studio
Without wanting to instigate the spread of wild, unconfirmed and presumptuous rumours circulating around the world wide web, we did still want to let Chris Farlowe fans have a sneak peep at these stills captured from footage we shot a few weeks ago. Towards the end of August we caught up with Chris down at Jon Hiseman’s Temple Music Studio, where he was working on ideas and laying down the foundations, potentially for some new material. Chris was accompanied on piano by Vanity Fare’s Steve Oakman who he’d met earlier this year whilst touring as part of the Solid Silver 60’s Revival Tour.

Could this possibly mean a new album is on the way? You’ll know more when we know more!
Chris Farlowe, Jon Hisman & Steve Oakman Temple Music Studio
Chris Farlowe at Jon Hiseman's Temple Music Studio
Chris Farlowe & Steve Oakman, Temple Music Studio

Chris Farlowe Attends Reading Steady Go!

Chris Farlowe Having his Picture Taken by a Local Press Photogragher in ReadingFellow Farlowers, for those of you who haven’t already heard of or indeed been along to the excellently curated Mod Culture exhibition at Reading’s town hall museum, you really should pay a visit before it all ends in a few weeks time.

Back in May, we ventured up to Reading hot on the coattails of Mr Farlowe, who had been invited for a special guided tour of the Reading Steady Go! exhibition by mod enthusiasts, collectors and exhibition contributors Paul ‘Smiler’ Anderson and Damian Jones.Paul 'Smiler' Anderson & Damian Jones Mod Collectors at Reading Steady Go!Paul and Damian have tirelessly compiled some of the rarest Mod artefacts, typifying the period they became immersed in during the 80’s revivals period and word is the exhibition has already broken museum visitor records, a truly remarkable feat for such a niche subject matter.

Reading Museum curator Brendan Carr told us “the audiences reaction to the Reading Steady Go! exhibition has been overwhelming” and he accredits the success of the exhibition to the living history of the artefacts on show, which he believes “allow visitors to reconnect with their youth” by evoking fond personal memories. Chris Farlowe at Reading Steady Go, Mod ExhibitionThe exhibition aimed to contextualise the 1960’s through the eyes of a typical Reading teenage Mod and boasts pieces contributed from Mod collectors around the country. Whilst the exhibition’s real charm stems from its overall variation and sense of completeness, some key pieces to look out for among the original gig posters and photograph clad walls are; the original – and still working – Jukebox from Portsmouth mod venue the Birdcage and Alexis Korner’s handmade acoustic guitar. Brendan acknowledges that it’s the enthusiasm and expertise of collector like Paul ‘Smiler’ and Damian who have really helped make the exhibition extra special.Chris Farlowe Snapping a Small Faces Poster at Reading Steady Go!Chris appeared genuinely delight by the scope of the collection – even he couldn’t resist taking a few snaps of his favourite pieces. Brendan said it was an honour to have Chris as a guest “as he and other like him created the soundtrack to the 1960s, which is still ringing in peoples ears today”.

Reading Steady Go! runs until Sunday 9th October, with a special live event planned on Saturday 1st October. We highly recommend you check it out, for more details head over to Reading Museum’s official website.

For those of you who just can’t squeeze enough Mod action into one day, click here to watch Chris singing a tribute to his old Friend, Steve Marriott from the Small Faces.Chris Farlowe & Paul 'Smiler' Anderson at Reading Steady Go!

Chris Falrowe & Smiler at Reading Steady Go!

Limited edition Chris Farlowe poster! SIGNED!

Last November Chris & the Norman Beaker Band played a very special show at the World Famous 100 Club in London. These beautiful, 2 colour, hand pulled, screen printed posters were produced to commemorate the show, but weren’t sold on the night! We’ve been so busy filming we haven’t had the chance to get these online, until now!

These are a limited edition of 25, each poster is signed by Chris, and one lucky buyer will get a one-off poster signed ‘Chris FarloweANDJohn H. Deighton‘ (Chris’ name at birth!). There will not be a reprint of these posters, so once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Posters can be purchased at http://outoftimefilm.bigcartel.com/

All proceeds will help towards the production of the film, Out of Time : A film about Chris Farlowe. Triple A Films are a small independent film company, and we are very grateful for your support in making this film about Chris.

Soulchester here we come……………..

So today is ‘Soulful Sunday’ – we are currently sat with Chris on our way up to Manchester for his gig at cult Mod club Twisted Wheel. Seeing as the nation is a Sunday newspaper short this week we are going to try fill your media void with a rolling blog updated throughout the day, something foolishly ambitious given our 1930’s laptop.

So it would appear – through a mixture of torrential rain and our ancient relic of a laptop – that we’ve failed to fill the media void as promised, not to worry, it looks like another arrest today may have kept you all entertained. However we are not ones to leave people feeling short changed, here are a few photographs we’ve taken throughout the day to keep smiles on faces until we can get a full account of the day on-line.

Pete Roberts – Twisted Wheels Top Dog

Chris gives us the low down on his Twisted Wheel gig…………..

Owing to circumstances beyond our control we were unfortunately unable to attend Chris’ Twisted Wheel gig in Manchester last September, however we did catch up with him a few days later at his London warehouse. As we were interviewing Chris and long time friend Trevor Collins, it became abundantly clear Chris was genuinely over whelmed by the integrity, energy and enthusiasm of the Manchester Mod fans, so much so, we thought it was only right we give them a little thank you in return – on his behalf. Alas we decided to put together a little sequence from footage shot that day of Trevor, showing Chris’ Youtube footage of the Twisted Wheel gig. In short a video of us filming Chris, watching you guys, watching him – not at all weird.

We’d like to give a special ‘Thank You’ shout out to Steve Bratherton, who’s mobile phone footage is used in the video.

Chris’ 70th Birthday Bash at Vonnie’s

Last October Chris turned 70 and was kind enough to invite us to join him on his landmark day. So, with Cameras in hand, we accompanied him on his journey west, from London to perform at a charity gig in Gloucester (yes folks, he doesn’t even rest for birthdays!) It was however in support of a great occasion put together by Dave Jones, raising money for cancer research and to celebrate the life of his late wife, Vonnie. This was our first time ‘on the road’ filming Chris and it was a real privilege to be invited along to such an intimate occasion, it proved to be a unmissable initial insight into Chris ‘the performer’ as he belted out old classics with the Norman Beaker Band. A glimpse of the gig footage can be seen here in our first trailer.

If you’re ever in the Cheltenham area make sure you check out Dave’s great blues and R’n’B night Vonnie’s at the Kings Lynn Working Man’s Club, he’s a true gentleman and generous host.

Chris Farlowe's 70th Birthday Bash at Vonnie's

Farlowe's 70th Birthday Cake

New threads

Chris with his new merchandise. Grab one next time you see him!

Chris new t-shirthttp://www.chrisfarlowethefilm.com/wp-admin/edit.php

In the beginning . . .

OK, so to get this blog going we’re gonna be posting a few things to fill you in on what we’ve been doing for the past year. Once we’ve brought you up to speed a little, we’ll be posting stuff ,as and when it happens! (Or as close damn it).

So to get us going here’s a couple of pics from our very first shoot with Chris. We hung out with him for a couple of hours, he told us some great stories and showed us some cool stuff!

Chris Farlowe poster

Chris Farlowe Thunderbirds Photo

Welcome to the Out of Time blog!

Chris Farlowe & Trevor Collins

So we’ve got the website up and running, hope you like it! We’ll be using the blog to keep you up to date with the progress of the film, so keep yer eyes peeled for posts!